youth program

youth program

KOR provides youth programs to help build a foundation and love for the wilderness. KOR teaches teamwork, trust, loyalty and obedience.

The youth programs leave everlasting memories on how to make items, locate essential items that help prepare them for situations.
KOR teach the acronym S.T.O.P
S-stands for stop moving and sit down take a breath, inhale deeply hold your breath for three seconds.

T-is to think, after calming down think about your situation, your location, listen to your surroundings.

O-is to observe are you okay, how late in the day is it, can you determine your location?

P-stands for the plan only after you’ve sat down and calmed yourself will you be able to plan. How can you make yourself warm, what way are you going to move, how can you leave items for rescuers?

KOR loves teaching the youth how to become more aware and no electronic devices allowed! We make it fun and safe.