Acronyms are used by abbreviating the first letter of each word one is trying to remember it can produce a remarkable method to remember almost anything.

The military is a prime example which has use acronym for several items from evasions, survival, movements, operations, warfare, first aid and many others. When one is in a stressful situation, it’s imperative not to have to remember a list of items, plus breaking down an acronym provides the most valuable key “a moment” to calm down and think.

Panic is the number one reason lost people get hurt or worst die. If you have an acronym that you remember for these situations, it helps you to calm down and relax because when we panic we gain anxiety which leads to irrational decisions.

This is why the military has basic training, and a drill sergeant is screaming at you so you can learn to handle operations under stress. If one comes into basic training and has never experienced this intense experience, they learn quickly to adapt or fail and possibly results in injuries.
So what acronyms are useful?  Here are a few but anyone can make up your own to help you calm down and make rational decisions in a time of crisis.
S- Stands for STOP
T- Stands for Think
O- Stands for Observe
P- Stands for PLAN
Military acronyms:
S-Stands for a size up the situation, surroundings, physical conditions, and equipment.
U-Stands for use all your senses.
R-Stands for remembering where you are.
V-Stands for vanquishing fear and panic
I-Stands for improvising and improve
V-Stands for value living
A-Stands for act like the natives
L-Stands for live by your wits

Study and remember each letter of the acronyms you create because you may some day have to make it work for you.