The ultimate survival necklace comes in a variety of colors, 1yd/1mm adjustable leather or paracord. Ferro rod and serrated striker that you can wear all times and always be prepared to start a fire.


Slide the ferro rod up the strands, take the serrated strike and make a few strikes to remove the outer protection. Once the outer protection is removed continue to strike the ferro rod to produce sparks to dry material to product a flame.

For limited time FREE just pay for shipping and handling let us know upon check out what color.


**We are also providing a percentage to veterans organizations that support veterans and fighting for our rights*** SUPPORT YOUR VETERANS BY PURCHASING **

Disclaimer: The serrated striker is very sharp so be careful when using, KOR Instincts is not liable for any damage done while using. Please know how to use a ferro rod before purchasing. Not for use of a toy, should ONLY be used under survival situations not for recreational use. Buy at your own risk.
Light Brown Suede, Dark Brown Leather, Black Leather and Paracord (black)

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