Survival Reflect Tent

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This emergency reflective tube tent makes an “A” frame waterproof tent or shelter measuring 8′ long x 3′ high (244 x 91cm). It accommodates 1 person plus gear or 2 medium-sized adults. It is an ideal survival shelter and can also be used as a waterproof ground cloth, tarp, or signaling device in an emergency. The reflective material helps conserve body heat in cold weather conditions. Sets up in minutes with no poles, Lightweight and easy-to-pack, Can be used as an emergency shelter or tarp, Includes a 14 ft. (4m) suspension cord, Fire-retardant

Size flat: 72” x 96” (182 x 244cm), Packed Size: 6” x 4.25” x .9” (152 x 108 x 23mm), Weight: 5.2 oz. (147g)

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