Acronym, why use them?

Acronym, why use them?

  Acronyms are used by abbreviating the first letter of each word one is trying to remember it can produce a remarkable method to remember almost anything. The military is a prime example which has use acronym for several items from evasions, survival, movements,...

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Survival Techniques

Survival techniques:Dehydrating foods is an excellent way to plan for those “just in-case” situations. Dehydrating foods is a learning experience from fruits, vegetables, meats to dehydrating meals that can be saved for months and ready t...o eat if you have to bug...

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                                                                               Stop by our wilderness and urban survival training business, where we supply the most up-to-date, examples, tips, DIY videos, links and courses. We spend the time, so...

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How to bug out from Mother Nature.

How to bug out from Mother Nature. Mother nature can be devastating to say the least. So , how well are you prepared for a natural disaster? Are you prepared for a natural disaster? Between forest fires, hurricanes, tornadoes or man -made disasters . It’s important to...

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