Survival techniques:Dehydrating foods is an excellent way to plan for those “just in-case” situations. Dehydrating foods is a learning experience from fruits, vegetables, meats to dehydrating meals that can be saved for months and ready t…o eat if you have to bug out.

When thinking of dehydrating foods for a survival situation, it’s important to plan for extended or even long term levels. With the help of survival cache we’ve included a survival food pyramid. When I first bought my electric dehydrator at REI I couldn’t get enough of the fruit leather or dried fruits. I watch several videos from Babel to Pathfinder schools on dehydrating entire meals and backpacking that I will never buy another dehydrated meal already prepared.

Now with that being said, if you want to plan for a rainy day and start packing large quantities of foods like wheat, powered milk, rice, dried soups, pasta, beans, sugar with Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. I can make a video for you and share with you the process to packaging 5 gallon buckets and sealing them for long term cache.

Purchasing a good dehydrator can be done at any of your local outdoor recreation stores from REI to Cabelas. I purchases one from Cheaper than dirt and a better one from REI. Your dehydrator should have at least four trays and different temperature settings.


You should think about purchasing Mylar bags off eBay they can be bought by the dozen with oxygen absorbers. You can also use hand warmers for O2 absorbers in a pinch.

If you are interested in long term storage send us a comment and I can put together a video.