How to bug out from Mother Nature.

Mother nature can be devastating to say the least. So , how well are you prepared for a natural disaster? Are you prepared for a natural disaster? Between forest fires, hurricanes, tornadoes or man -made disasters . It’s important to be prepared to bug out at a moment notice.

Prepare, prepare, prepare
Before any threats has occurred , you want to make sure you have an inventory of all you things in your home for insurance company should a disaster occur. Google drive and iCloud are two places you can store images and documents that are scanned for FREE. If you don’t have a scanner you’re a smart phone to photograph documents. There are apps that can turn photos into PDF format.

Be sure your vehicle is in good working condition and it’s not a bad idea to keep ½ tank in your vehicle or have back up fuel for emergencies. These items are essential in your vehicle just in case. Batteries/flashlight, hand crank radio, life hammer, knife, fire starter or matches, first aid kit, flares, emergency water and food. It’s always a good idea to keep a blanket, coat, gloves and good walking shoes in your vehicle.

KOR Instincts put together a list of items to consider Don’t wait, GET STARTED.
1. Important Documents
• Drivers’ license, Passport, Birth Certificates, Marriage license etc.
2. Things of importance & Value
• Cash, Silver/Gold, Fire Arms/Ammunition etc.
3. Health Needs
• Medications, Glasses, Hearing Aids, Water
4. Clothing
• Change of clothes, underwear, Diapers, waterproof jackets etc.
5. Pets
• Pet food, leashes,
6. Shelter
• 3-4 person tent, tarp, sleeping bags

Our prayers and thoughts go out to those post Typhoon Haiyan.